我信任的助手,Emilia Juocys在邮件中说她在做节日蛋奶酒,我说,“Take pix!我想提醒人们做蛋酒!““

她做到了,见上文,然后,我指给我看一篇关于老年蛋酒的有趣的食品实验室文章: seems intuitive to me that the longer anything ages,它将变得更加复杂和有趣。But is itbetter?That was the case with two-year eggnog,which had turned a kind of dangerous-looking brown,but I enjoyed the deep funk.How can you keep dairy and eggs in your fridge for a year or three?酒精可以杀死导致食物变质的细菌(更不用说生鸡蛋中可能含有沙门氏菌)。This is a good thing to remember if you need to leave town and find you have a lot of dairy and eggs that will go bad–just ad 20 percent booze by weight and it will keep.Kenji,in his post above,说它在24小时内对液体进行了消毒,但我读到的研究表明,要消灭100%的细菌可能需要30天的时间。

The Food Lab post is interesting because it presents a taste test wherein the blind tasters prefer the fresh eggnog.Less romantic but makes more intuitive sense.这也意味着你现在可以做蛋奶酒,从感恩节到新年都可以享用它(如果你做的足够多,它通常不会持续太久)。

This recipe is pretty boozy—feel free to reduce the alcohol to 1 liter total,还是尝一尝。我喜欢混合酒的味道,但这里什么都有。If you're feeling super-flush and want to make it very special,try using Oban single-malt,a whiskey that goes particularly well with cream,as this cocktail post,宣布一种新的鸡尾酒,,主要奖项,notes.

如果冰箱里有空的话,做两批,and hold some back for text year to see if the aging is worth it.



  • 12个蛋黄(为天使食品蛋糕保留白色!)
  • 2杯砂糖
  • 1升波旁威士忌
  • 4杯全脂牛奶
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3/4 cup Cognac or brandy
  • 1/2 cup Myers's dark rum
  • 一撮犹太洁食盐

The Eggnog

  1. Combine the yolks and sugar in a large bowl and whisk until well blended and creamy.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine.
  3. 将混合物转移到一个1加仑的玻璃罐中,并密封盖子。(可选地,you can bottle it.) Place in the refrigerator for 30 days.(But you'd better try a couple glasses the day after making it just to make sure it's got the right balance,don't you think?)
  4. Serve topped with sweet meringue and nutmeg if you wish.

This will make 徳赢全站APPabout 3 quarts of eggnog.


28Wonderful responses to"Plan Ahead: 30-Day Eggnog"“

  • 米迦勒B


  • 玛丽西娅

    I'll be making eggnog this weekend,把它倒进好看的瓶子里,放在冰箱里直到感恩节。朋友们可以带着一公升的水回家。“保存”it until Christmas (maybe).I'll even toss in the nutmeg and a picture of what the finished product looks like.

  • JNorth

    I've done this one as well as President Washington's recipe.在这两种情况下,我都是在感恩节和圣诞节之间的某个时候开始做的,第二年就喝了。

  • 凯特克利克

    一加仑蛋酒……How many guests do you have??

    I always use Jim Beam.我想我一年最多只能做1.5夸脱

  • 艾伦

    很好的照片,艾米丽亚,looks like egg whites whipped with cinnamon.谢谢您!!
    I love the original recipe,2012,我已经做了很长一段时间了。

    I made the Oban batch this year,我将在12月初参加一个盛大的晚宴。I will let you know the outcome.
    Cheers all

  • 克丽斯·艾格曼

    Can't remember who's joke it is (Louis Anderson?).

  • 劳拉G

    我最喜欢的姑姑,出生于19世纪80年代,used to make a similar one.She beat 2 cups of sugar with a dozen eggs,and added some booze – 1 pint each of brandy and rye,and 1/2 pint of white rum.我们的孩子们在她慢慢地加酒(先加威士忌)的时候不得不打威士忌。最后,she added enough half and half to make up a gallon.And the nutmug grating,主要是当你端上每一杯的时候。We usually made extra large batches!!

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  • 凯瑟琳

    只是最好的。我有一些2014年的口味测试,and some ready to go.2014年的这批酒有着很好的金色和丰富的味道——不是很时髦,而是更鲜明。deeper and more interesting than the fresh batch.

  • 马特

    I made this last night and I've split it into 5 mason jars.我注意到它已经分开了,底部附近有一种清澈的液体。Should I be shaking the jars regularly or letting them sit??

  • Mike


  • 杰伊

    I made this last November and kept half of it to age further.I shared it during a family reunion in the summer which was dubbed our"七月的圣诞节”.Everyone loved how smooth and custard-like it was.只剩下一个杯子了,我打算留到第三年。

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  • Somebody's Mother

    For those of us who have access to home raised chickens,请把蛋黄换成体积好吗??

  • 埃里克

    哦,哦。Was I supposed to leave this in the fridge?我有一个去年12月的咆哮者坐在地下室的架子上。我经常检查它,它似乎是一个一致的颜色和质地。

  • 简P

    And you came bearing gifts.😘


    请告知比例,保持这个熟食,但不要太醉。Might halving those ratios deem it too tame?Still want a bit of that holiday edge.☃️

    Sorry for the rough year.
    Keep writing & cooking.

    Transitioning too,空巢部分的饭菜交易从烹饪到一个兄弟会的心态。